Funding through technology



The vision of CyberManna is to develop and implement next-generation technology to generate funding for the work being done for the Kingdom of God and creating a network of Christian consumers and businesses that can transact with each other.

The emphasis is to create the Kingdom community’s ability to conduct commerce both inside and outside the world system.

The CyberManna difference


Kingdom purpose

CyberManna is Kingdom purpose driven. The founding members have a Kingdom mindset whereby although profits are important, it is not what drives them.

They, through CyberManna, want to make a difference in the world through applying scriptural financial practises.

Consumer privacy

Consumer data used to be private between the consumer and the institution it had a relationship with. In the modern world consumer data is shared freely. Third parties know more about you than you of yourself.

CyberManna want to make financial transacting private again.

Community focus

Communities are struggling and this has been exacerbated by COVID 19. CyberManna’s focus are to support independent merchants and the consumers that support them in their communities.

Strengthening local businesses will increase employment and improve communities.

The FourDCyber platform


The CyberManna system composes of an agnostic payment and loyalty engine called FourDCyber.

FourDCyber can input multiple payments and loyalty types and output customer-centric payment and loyalty solutions, emphasizing mobile device payments in the retail environment, both in-store and online.

Although the FourDCyber system can input third-party loyalty systems, it has its own embedded loyalty points allocation, tracking, and redemption system. It allows for different loyalty points and charity donations per payment type.

FourDCyber is integrated into most major retail Point of Sale software systems.

The FourDCyber system allows clients to create white-label solutions with their own rules on loyalty, payment types, and the like.

Our Partners and Affiliates




US office: 6464 S Quebec St, Suite 600, Centennial, CO 80111

Phone: (720) 805-3228

SA office:  6 Meson Street, Technopark, Stellenbosch, 7600

Phone: +27 87 135 5548

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